Project DOT

Project DOT is a youth leadership-based sexual violence prevention program. The program engages youth from NYC’s underserved communities, including communities of color and LGBTQIA+ identities that are often not the recipients of traditional prevention programming. Project DOT envisions youth as impactful organizers and change makers, who are well-equipped with the knowledge needed to prevent sexual assault in their communities.

Project Dream, Own, Tell

Everyone told me to mind my own business, but nobody told me as a young person my voice matters when I see someone degrading their date.
by Vicky Leta
  • Throughout the 15 – 18 week program, youth learn about healthy relationships, consent, and bystander intervention. The duration of the course can be amended.


  • They then apply what they learned to design a social media campaign focused on sexual violence prevention and implement a mobilization project to engage members of their community creating environmental and policy-level change.


  • Project DOT is intended to be a program that can be implemented with fewer resources at little-to-no cost and adapted to local communities.


  • We partner with community-based organizations, youth-serving organizations, and schools to adapt the program to meet the needs of specific youth populations.


  • The program can be adapted for in-person and virtual environments


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Recent Community Mobilization Projects

Queering the Air: Ignorance in and About LGBTQ+ Youth is a webpage created by the 2020 Project DOT Pride Group.


The group created the page to address the issues that are key to preventing sexual violence in the LGBTQ+ community and includes not only information about the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ youth, but also features a host of helpful resources for youth, parents, and providers. Visit the page here!

Alliance Prevention Strategies

Prevention of sexual violence has been core to the mission of the Alliance since its inception.  The Alliance has spearheaded several prevention programs at the regional, state, and national levels to actively prevent sexual assault.  These programs engage members from diverse communities and provide information and education for youth, college students, and adults in the area of prevention.  Our programs are intentionally structured to integrate approaches that resonate with and are responsive to the needs of underserved communities, are grassroots and community-driven where appropriate.


Visit our Prevention Strategies page to learn more about our approach to preventing sexual violence.