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Acquaintance Rape
Acquaintance rape is defined as being a rape perpetrated by someone known to the victim, including friends, spouses, first dates, and relatives. Read more


Safety Tips for Parents
As a parent, one of your primary concerns is your child’s safety. While some dangers–a hot stove, traffic or an electrical outlet–seem easy to explain, dangers that involve violence may seem more difficult to talk about. Read more


While the prevalence and severity of child abuse in the United States has been given an increasing amount of attention — attitudes, definitions and statistics continue to vary. The examination of incest may incite some of the greatest discrepancies, for it remains one of the most under-reported and least discussed crimes in our nation. Read more


Tips for Men and LGBTQ Community
Victimization of the LGBTQ community includes harassment, vandalism, robbery, assault, rape and murder, with the added component of the crimes being committed specifically because the victim identifies within the queer community. Read more