2023 Resource Guide

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You don’t have to do this alone. No matter if the harm happened last year, when you were a child, or today, it is not your fault and there are NYC resources ready to support you.


There are a variety of different resources available to survivors and victims of any form of sexual violence as well as for children and families impacted by violence.


This resource guide is confirmed on an annual basis. We do our best to keep it up-to-date. [Last updated January 2023]. Please email contact-us@svfreenyc.org if any information here needs to be updated or added.



Since violence is all interconnected, please keep in mind that some services overlap with one another. Not all services are for everyone or work for everyone. No matter what kinds of resources you choose, please know that your choices are valid.




The following categories are available in the 2023 Resource Guide:


1. Family & Child Welfare Services
2. NYC Helplines
3. Healthcare
3A. Physical Healthcare
3B. Mental Healthcare
4. Financial Support
5. Legal Options & Services
6. Cyber-Sexual Abuse Resources
7. Campus Sexual Violence Options & Resources
8. Community Based Organizations
9. Index




We’d like to recognize and thank Meredith Wilson, current Hesburgh-Yusko Scholar at the University of Notre Dame, for her dedication to researching and developing content for the Resource Guide throughout her 2022 Summer Internship with the Alliance.


In addition, we thank Stella Xie, now a college student at Yale University, who volunteered significant hours during her senior year of high school to begin the research and verification process.