The Alliance has compiled a number of resources available for survivors, their friends and families, and professionals assisting survivors in New York City.

Hospital Emergency Rooms

SAFE / SART Medical Directors and Program Coordinators

In the past, victims of sexual assault seeking medical attention often experienced victim-blaming attitudes and substandard care. In the 1970's, victim advocates began to develop local, state and national reforms to address these problems. Within the last thirty years, in a movement first led by emergency room nurses, care of sexual assault patients has been improved by the development of Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) programs.

SAFE programs provide sexual assault patients in emergency rooms or other acute care settings with specially trained clinicians who can provide comprehensive, sensitive, victim-center medical and forensic care. The best standard of care teams these specially trained clinicians with volunteer rape crisis advocates who provide psychosocial support, information and advocacy for sexual assault patients. In New York City, the Health and Hopsital Corporation (HHC) and organized its SAFE programs into SARTs or Sexual Assault Response Teams. Each SART serves the HHC Emergency Departments in a specific borough.

Emergency Rooms with SAFE programs are different from basic hospital care because they focus on:
  1. Promoting the psychological recovery of survivors;
  2. Providing comprehensive and consistent post-assault medical care including referral for ongoing care;
  3. Collecting and documenting forensic evidence completely and accurately;
  4. Improving the prosecution of sexual assault cases by providing better forensics and expert testimony; and
  5. Creating community change by bringing multiple service providers together to provide comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors (Campbell 2005).

THIS IS A LIST OF THE SAFE/ SART PROGRAMS THAT HAVE BEEN APPROVED AS New York State Centers of Excellence as of May 9, 2006.

Programs that provide both specialized medical care AND volunteer rape crisis advocates are indicated with a *.


Bronx SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) :
Karen Carroll, RN, SANE-A, SART Coordinator (718) 519-5083

North Central Bronx*
Brigitte Alexander, MD, Medical Director (NCB and SART) 718-519-477

Jacobi *
Tesfa Young, MD, Medical Director - 718-918-5477

Mary Ryan, MD- 718-579-6011


Long Island College Hospital*
Bernie Russell, MD, Medical Director- 718-780-2856
Sarah Hopkins, Program Coordinator- 718-780-1910

Brooklyn SART
SART Coordinator: Alice Blair 718- 613-8113
Kings County Medical Center:
Nicole Johnson,MD, Medical Director, SAFE Program- 718-245-4790

Woodhull Hospital:
Maurice Wright, MD, Medical Director
Dan McSwiggan, RN, CEN, Program Director- 646-823-6100

Coney Island Hospital:
Marie Longo, RN, SANE-A Program Director- 718-616-4349


St. Luke's-Roosevelt*:
Lorraine Giordano, MD, Medical Director- 212-523-5659
Keri Stout, LCWS, SAFE Program Coordinator- 212-523-4727

Columbia Presbyterian*:
Kim Hodges, MD, Medical Director
George Lewert, LCSW, Program Manager- 212-305-9060
Fax: 212-342-5703, Email: gel9002@nyp.org

Beth Israel*:
Cheryl Greenstein, PA, Site Director- 212-420-2832

Manhattan SART
Bellevue Hospital*:
Elizabeth Borock, MD, Medical Director- 212-562-3346
Carla Brekke, LCSW, Program Coordinator- 212-562-3435

Harlem Hospital*:
Jenny Castillo, MD, Medical Director- 212-939-2250

Metropolitan Hospital*:
Mona Singh, MD, Medical Director- 212.423.6464
Carlos Meletiche, MD, Medical Director -212.423.6464
Angela Montague, LCSW, Advocacy Coordinator-212.423.7802


Queens SART
Glenda Guzman, SART Coordinator Queens -- 718.334.3050
Sheree Givre, MD Medical Director - 718-334-3052
Rebecca Carman LCSW, SAFE Program Coordinator- 718-334-2732
Queens Hospital*
Leslie Julien, MD Medical Director- 718-883-3070
Kashif Creary, LCSW, SAFE Program Coordinator

Staten Island

Staten Island University Hospital*:
Jean Gordon, RN, Medical Director-718-818-3044

Mount Sinai*:
Barbara Richardson, MD, Medical Director:
Kristen Slesar, Program Coordinator- 212.423.2145


"A Look Back" By Anastasia, a facilitator