The Alliance has compiled a number of resources available for survivors, their friends and families, and professionals assisting survivors in New York City.

Offices of the District Attorney

Bronx County DA, Domestic Violence and Sex Offense Bureau

The Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Bureau (CAS) prosecutes all sexual assault cases involving both child and adult victims.

The Crime Victims Assistance Unit (CVAU)
Provides Bronx crime victims with a wide variety of services. The major categories of services provided by the CVAU are Emotional Supportive Services (including crisis intervention, supportive counseling, short and long term on-site therapy for sexual assault survivors and educational/support group for homicide survivors ); Client Advocacy Services (including advocacy with community-based organizations and government agencies); Emergency Assistance (including relocation assistance and motel/hotel and shelter placements); Application Assistance (primarily helping victims or their families apply for New York State Crime Victims Board compensation benefits); Court Accompaniment (which involves having an advocate accompany an individual to court for trial testimony); and Transportation Services (including out-of-town travel or ambulette/ambulance services).

Bronx County DA office main site | The Crime Victims Assistance Unit (CVAU)

Kings County DA, Sex Crimes and Special Victims Bureau

Oversees the investigation and prosecution of felony and misdemeanor sexual assault cases, involving victims who are eleven years of age and older. The cases managed by the bureau include serial rapists, teachers who sexually assault students, crimes of incest and police officers who commit sexual assault.

Counseling Service Unit
Assists victims and their families recover from the trauma of violent crimes such as domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. Among the services offered by the social workers and counselors are: crisis intervention and short-term counseling; information on court procedures and other related issues; financial and medical bill reimbursement; and referrals to outside agencies.

Kings County DA Main Site

Manhattan DA, Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit

Established in 1974, it was the first Unit in the country dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault (rape, sodomy, and sexual abuse). The Unit is staffed by forty senior ADAs, who are selected not only for their ability in the courtroom, but also because they exhibit a sensitivity to the issues unique to survivors of these crimes. The SCPU has been the model for units like it all over the country, because of the improved services provided to survivors of sexual assault, and because of the dramatic increase in the conviction rate of sex offenders.

Witness Aid Services Unit
Provides a variety of court-related services, social services, and counseling services designed to meet the needs of crime victims, witnesses, and their families. The unit assists victims in overcoming the emotional trauma resulting from victimization and facilitates cooperation in the prosecution of criminal cases. The Unit has a staff of 37, and is comprised of five components. Spanish-speaking staff are available in each of the unit's components. Interpreters for other languages are also available. All services offered by the unit are free of charge.

Manhattan DA Main Site | Witness Aid Services Unit

Queens County DA, Special Victims Bureau

The assistant district attorneys in the Special Victims Bureau are responsible for the prosecution of every felony case that involves sex crimes, child abuse or elder abuse. Experienced, senior assistants participate in early case enhancement through the riding program by meeting with victims at the outset of the case, whether at the hospital, the precinct, or in the District Attorney's Office. By responding to cases on call at the earliest stage, assistants can establish a supportive relationship with victims and ensure successful prosecution of this special category of cases. The assistants in the Special Victims bureau have been specially trained in the handling of sex crimes and child abuse cases and keep their cases from indictment through trial to ensure that each case is successfully prosecuted. Most of the assistants have attended national training programs on these issues and the bureau conducts occasional seminars on subjects of interest in the field, bringing doctors and psychologists to inform the assistant district attorneys about developments in proof of these cases. The bureau keeps all Special Victims Bureau felony cases from indictment through trial.

Mount Sinai Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program (SAVI)
Based in the Queens County DA's office, SAVI provides criminal justice advocacy for survivors whose cases are being prosecuted, in addition to general rape crisis program services. SAVI offers free and confidential counseling to survivors of rape, sexual assault, and incest. They also provide services to friends and families of survivors. Counseling provided immediately after the assault or no matter how long ago the assault occurred. Counseling sites are located at The Mount Sinai Hospital, Elmhurst Hospital Center, and the Queens District Attorney's Office.

Queens County DA Main Site | Mount Sinai Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program (SAVI)

Richmond County DA, Sex Crimes/ Special Victims Bureau

Investigates and prosecutes sex crimes, child abuse, domestic violence and crimes against seniors. Specially-trained prosecutors are assisted by victim advocates who accompany victims to court appearances, discuss safety issues and provide referrals for counseling. The Bureau's office space, which contains a children's playroom/ interview room, is designed to provide pleasant surroundings and to maximize privacy during interviews. Staff of the bureau are available to address students, community groups and organizations on sex crimes, child abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse issues.

Richmond County DA Main Site

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Deesha Narichania looks on during the 2011 Celebration of Excellence Presentation and Awards Ceremony
Deesha Narichania looks on during the 2011 Celebration of Excellence Presentation and Awards Ceremony