Rape Survivor Advocate

Safe Horizon Staten Island Community Program


Program Description:

Volunteers attend a 40-hour comprehensive training at Safe Horizon office in Staten Island in Summer 2017. The training revolves around numerous aspects of rape and sexual assault and upon completion, volunteers become advocates who respond to local hospital emergency departments when a rape or sexual assault has occurred.



The following services are provided, but not limited to:

-Immediate emotional support for survivors and secondary survivors
-An explanation of medical procedures
-Attendance during the medical exam and the collection for the Forensic Evidence Kit
-Acting as a liaison and advocate with hospital staff and criminal justice personnel on behalf of the survivor
-Information and referrals, including follow-up care with the Safe Horizon Rape Crisis Program
-Providing clothing/undergarments, personal hygiene articles and transportation
-Bimonthly supervision and training in order to stay up to date and legal/medical practices


Further Considerations:

Volunteers must be 18 or over
Volunteers must have access to adequate transportation in order to respond in a timely fashion-



Attend a 40-hour comprehensive training, some weekend days required.
Volunteer Hours: Sunday-Thursday 5 PM-9 AM or Friday and Saturdays 5PM- 5PM (24 hours shifts).
We generally request two-three shifts a month.
A year-long commitment is required however, a longer commitment is preferred.


Training Location:

Safe Horizon Staten
Island Community Program
30 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301


How to Apply for this Position:

For application and interviewing process contact:
Jessica Clark
Rape Crisis Coordinator
Tel.: 718-720-2591 ext. 1101
E-mail: jessica.clark@safehorizon.org