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Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the following specific opportunities, many of the rape crisis programs listed in our [1] resource guide have an ongoing need for volunteers. A complete list of all ongoing volunteer opportunities is [2] here.

Opportunities at Other Organizations

November 12, 2014 [6] Interns
Astrea Media

To submit an announcement for listing on The Alliance site, fill out this [7] form. All announcements, events, jobs, and volunteer opportunities will be compiled in a weekly email digest. To ensure timely delivery of your announcement, please submit it by Tuesday of each week. For more information, our editorial policy, or other questions, please contact the Web Manager at [8] webmanager@svfreenyc.org or by phone at (212) 229-0345

[1]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/home/nycaasa/stage.nycagainstrape.org/resources.html
[2]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/home/nycaasa/stage.nycagainstrape.org/volun_resources.html
[3]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/home/nycaasa/stage.nycagainstrape.org/volunteer_profiles.html
[4]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/action_mrp.html
[5]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/saam_2008_volunteer.html
[6]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/home/nycaasa/stage.nycagainstrape.org/volun_872.html
[7]: http://www.svfreenyc.org/sps/feedback.cgi?form=forms/announcement.html
[8]: mailto:webmanager@svfreenyc.org

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