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Alliance: About Research at The Alliance

About Research at The Alliance

The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault develops and advances strategies, policies and responses that prevent sexual violence and limit its destabilizing effects on victims, families and communities. As the only sexual violence organization in the country conducting primary research on sexual violence, we are in a unique position to raise public awareness and create sustainable change. The Alliance conducts the following types of research projects:

[1] Measuring the Scope of Sexual Violence in NYC

We conduct primary research to understand the scope and experiences of sexual violence among New Yorkers. [2] Read more

[3] Participatory Action Research

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a research method that brings together researchers and community members so that they can work together to identify problems faced by the community, to empower community members to research and create solutions to those problems, and to improve conditions in the community. [4] Read more about the Alliance's PAR Projects

[5] Best Care Research

The Alliance is the local leader in conducting and disseminating research on ensuring best care for survivors in NYC. We conduct research on the systems including the medical, counseling, law enforcement and criminal justice response to survivors in NYC. [6] Read more about our best care research projects

[7] Health Communications Research

The Alliance is experienced in conducting health communications research utilizing the P-process framework, a framework that takes a loosely defined concept about changing behavior to a strategic and participatory level with a measurable impact on the intended audience. [8] Read more about the Alliance's Communications Research

[9] Research to Practice

The Alliance works towards and investigates effective ways to translate research into practice in the sexual violence field in NYC. We conduct regular research to practice forums to engage both practitioners and researchers in topics related to best care and the prevention of sexual violence. [10] Read more about the Research to Practice Project

[11] Evaluations Research

The Alliance believes it is critical to evaluate all aspects of our work to understand whether we are able to achieve our goals towards the impact of ending sexual violence and improving care in NYC. [12] Read more about the Alliance's evaluations

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