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Alliance: Health and Forensic Services Project (HFSP)

Health and Forensic Services Project (HFSP)

Hospital emergency departments are the primary sites where victims of sexual assault, especially those who choose to report within 96 hours of a crime, come to be treated. Healthcare and criminal justice systems intersect to protect survivors from further injury, provide care, and ensure proficient evidence collection. In New York City, the city’s large population and concentration of many public and private emergency departments present unique challenges for the provision of the best care for all sexual assault survivors. [1] Read more »


The Health and Forensic Services Project (HSFP)

Learn more about the health and forensic services project.  [2] Read more>>
A concise history of health and forensic services in New York. [3] Read more »
Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) services are considered the best and most victim-centered approach to acute health care for sexual assault patients.  [4] Read more »
"SAFE NYC Initiative: The NYC Sexual Assault Services Partnership to Mobilize Resources to Ensure Victim-Centered Care for All" [5] Read more »
Each year the New York City Alliance presents the Lydia Martinez Collaboration Awards at the Celebration of Excellence Ceremony. Named in honor of the late Detective First Grade C. Lydia Martinez, the event focuses on city professionals who spearhead multidisciplinary initiatives aimed at improving systems response to sexual assault victims. The five awards honor outstanding peer-nominated professionals from a wide swath of sectors. [6] Read more » 
In the wake of a sexual assault, clinicians must provide both medical and forensic care. Eventually, DNA evidence and examination notes can be used by the criminal justice system, and there currently exists a critical need to ensure that clinicians optimize DNA evidence collection and examination documentation. [7] Read more »
The Health and Forensic Services Project (HFSP) at the Alliance provides technical assistance to SAFE Centers, developing SAFE Centers, and other hospital emergency departments by reviewing progress on a citywide level, developing and discussing standards of care and protocols, dealing with operational issues, and providing opportunities for problem solving and resource sharing between programs. [8] Read more »

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