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Policy Priorities

Below, please find the policy priorities of the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. Through our research, direct programming, advocacy work and citywide coordination role, we have identified the primary, underlying issues that need to be addressed first. Many of these issues will take some time, but will lay a strong foundation for future efforts. Also be aware, that we respond to trends in the media and on the legislative front on our blog. I invite you to visit and consider guest-blogging or responding.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at [1] contact_us@svfreenyc.org. Some of the Alliance's previous policy statements are listed below.
[2] Funding - City
Despite the support the City Council provides to fight sexual violence, overall, direct services for victims and advocacy organizations that work to affect social change are woefully underfunded. Ultimately, the $450,000 allocation from the Council reflects .001% of the total amount of money available. [3] Read More

[4] Schools/Youth
In 2006-2007 the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault (the Alliance) and the Columbia University Center for Youth Violence Prevention (CCYVP) at the Mailman School of Public Health with funding from the New York City Council and the Centers for Disease Control surveyed 1,312 youth in four public high schools in New York City on the topics of sexual and dating violence. [5] Read More

[6] Access to Care
The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault is strongly committed to identifying best care practices for survivors of sexual violence, and advocating to change those city policies that hinder the ability of victims to access care. Since 2001 the Alliance has provided research on a variety of best care/access to care issues, including: police interaction, the impact of sexual assault examiners on criminal justice outcomes, and intervention preferences of NYC rape crisis counselors. [7] Read More

[8] Primary Prevention
NYC has a long history of agencies that have dedicated time and money to provide much-needed services to survivors of sexual violence. However, very little attention has been paid to stopping the tens of thousands of sexual assaults that occur in NYC each year—before they happen. The NYC Alliance recognizes that in order to reduce the incidence of sexual violence, resources must be devoted to addressing the root causes of sexual violence. [9] Read More

[10] Statistics
As everyone working against sexual violence knows, rape is a grossly underreported crime. In fact, it is estimated that less than 20% of victims ever report being assaulted. [11] Read More

[12] Legislative-A.3378/S.4077 (HRA Sexual Violence Information)
This law, sponsored by Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and State Senator Daniel Squadron, recognizes the correlation between sexual assault, rape and poverty as well as the need to inform victims of the range of short and long-term services available to them. [13] Read More

[14] Legislative-Apportionment
In the cast of a raped tenant, apportionment forces a jury to assign a percentage of blame to rapist and the landlord. In order to be found liable, the landlord must be apportioned (“assigned”) more than 50% of the blame for the injury. As a jury is likely to find the rapist to be “more than 50%, if not 100%, liable for the..injury,” the current system frees the landlord from any liability, even though s/he failed to maintain adequate security. [15] Read More

[16] Legislative-Child Victim's Act
Assembly bill (A2596), otherwise known as the “Child Victims Act of New York” would provide greater justice for victims of childhood sexual abuse and help identify and stop sexual predators from continuing their abuse. [17] Read More

[18] Legislative-HIV PEP
Sexual assault has many physical and mental health considerations including the transmission of the HIV virus. While the exact rate of HIV infection after a sexual assault is difficult to ascertain due to ethical reasons and feasibility limitations, HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) should be a component of the information and treatment options given to survivors. [19] Read More

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