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[1] Prevention and Community Mobilization

The Alliance addresses sexual violence as a public health problem and a human rights issue that incorporates public health approaches and social justice principles. The Alliance's prevention and community mobilization programs combine community organizing, participatory action research methods and the promotion of equitable group processes to help individuals, organizations and institutions develop sustainable solutions to end sexual violence. We provide training, technical assistance, and mentoring to stakeholders so that they can develop sexual violence interventions that best reflect the needs and assets of their communities. [2] Read more

[3] Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Training Institute (SAFETI)

The purpose of the New York City Sexual Assault Health and Forensic Services Training Institute (SAFETI) is to systematically develop and revise citywide curricula and training materials to use as standards across the city. SAFETI also manages training and professional development activities for SAFE certification and continuing medical education programs. [4] Read more

[5] Health and Forensic Services Project

Hospital emergency departments are the primary sites where victims of sexual assault, especially those who choose to report within 96 hours of a crime, come to be treated. Healthcare and criminal justice systems intersect to protect survivors from further injury, provide care, and ensure proficient evidence collection. In New York City, the city’s large population and concentration of many public and private emergency departments present unique challenges for the provision of the best care for all sexual assault survivors. [6] Read more

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