Prevention Strategies


Prevention of sexual violence has been core to the mission of the Alliance since its inception.  The Alliance has spearheaded several prevention programs at the regional, state and national level to actively prevent sexual assault.  These programs engage members from diverse communities and provide information and education for youth, college students and adults in the area of prevention.  Our programs are intentionally structured to integrate approaches that resonate with and are responsive to the needs of underserved communities, are grassroots and community driven were appropriate.

Community Mobilization

Community mobilization are activities to engage community partners in our work.  These initiatives are important to creating ownership over issues around sexual violence in the communities we serve. The Alliance has a strong history of working with local community organizations, rape crisis programs, law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, nightlife establishments and more.

For more information on our community mobilization activities, see Youth Action Council.

Coalition Building

Bringing together groups to work on ending sexual violence is an integral part of all our activities.  The Alliance was founded under the need for coalition building.  Increased service provisions provided by rape crisis programs led to the identification of system-wide problems and the need for an organization to work on these issues.  The Alliance has continued its history of coalition building through its prevention programs and bringing together disparate groups such as college campuses, K-12 institutions, nightlife stakeholders and other non-traditional partners.  

For more information on our coalition building activities, see Healthy Nightlife