Post-Election Day Community Care Resource List 

The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault






The Alliance’s Post Election Day Community Care Resource List 


Community Care Events & Healing Spaces:


Election Day – Free Meditation and Clearing: Reach for this pre-recorded video that will be available all day Nov. 3rd to listen to whenever you want. No meditation experience necessary! All you have to do is close your eyes, relax, listen and receive. Register at the link.


Post-Election Processing Space: Register to join Lisa Hoffman, Executive Director of Alliance of Artists Communities, in discussing whatever reality we are facing post-Election Day.


Post-Election Self Care For The BIPOC Community: Join Lana Sundari for a relaxing two hours of meditation, restorative yoga, breathwork, guided relaxation, and much needed laughter during this post-Election Day community care event.


Free yoga class the evening before Election Day: Join a yoga flow to release some pre-Election Day nerves, followed by a relaxing chill-out to support deep sleep. Register at the Link.


Irresistible: Irresistible is a virtual practice space at the intersection of collective healing & social change. They share conversations with powerful social justice leaders and accompanying audio practices to help resource you in your leadership and vision.


Mental Health/Meditation Apps:


MoodMission: A Choose Your Own Adventure app for feeling better. By asking you a series of questions about how you’re feeling, it presents you with a unique list of “missions” to choose from in the moment.


Rootd: Feeling a brewing panic attack on election night? Rootd provides you with a virtual panic button, asks you a few questions, and guides you through your anxiety to somewhere safe.


MindShift: Among a variety of other practical skills, Mindshift teaches you Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills to tackle negative thought patterns.


Insight Timer: This meditation app has 55,000 free meditations and music tracks to choose from to bring a dose of relaxation on election night.


iBreathe: Create your own breathing exercise by setting custom intervals on this easy-to-use, soothing app.


HearMe: Feeling like you just need to vent when facing election stress? HearMe provides a space to let it out, connecting you instantly with an empathetic listener.