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NYSCASA:Human Resources Director

Organization: NYSCASA

Listed On: March 16, 2017


General Nature of Position: The Human Resources Coordinator is responsible for handling the agency’s human resources-focused tasks and assisting with related financial tasks. This is a full-time, exempt position.

Preferred Qualifications: Associate or higher degree and/or 3/5 years of relevant experience. Flexibility and a diverse skill base. Strong communication, organizational, and writing skills, including effective use of social media and website development. Commitment to and understanding of addressing sexual violence, anti-oppression work, and other social justice issues. Valid driver’s license.

Reports to: Senior Director of Finance and Human Resources

Specific Duties:
  •  Human Resources—
o Conduct hiring processes (i.e., advertisements, spreadsheets for interview process, communications with candidates, etc.).
o Conduct consistent orientation processes for new employees (i.e., office tour,new employee forms, document review, etc.).
o Develop and maintain comprehensive procedures manuals, one for all staff and one for supervisory staff.
o Handle communications and paperwork associated with fringe benefits.
o Collect and review timesheets for completeness and accuracy.
o Process time-off requests.
o Collect and review employee travel/reimbursement forms and advances.
o Maintain up-to-date job descriptions and alternative work agreements.
o Maintain up-to-date staff contact list and Board contact list.
o Maintain staff meeting facilitator/recorder schedule.
o Serve as grievance point person/liaison.
o Conduct employee termination processes (i.e., exit interviews, return of NYSCASA property/items, forward/delete email, forward/change voicemail, etc.). 
o Serve as point person to identify appropriate NYSCASA projects/opportunities for potential interns/volunteers.
o Conduct consistent orientation processes for new interns/volunteers (i.e., forms, policies, etc.).
o Handle sunshine club tasks (i.e., organize date, route card, consider food, etc.).
  •  Project Support—
o Assist with answering agency phones.
o Ensure each staff member has the functioning equipment and related technology necessary to fulfill project objectives and tasks; coordinate with computer/IT consultant as needed.
o Track and order supplies required for all project deliverables.
o Serve as liaison between staff and landlord regarding office-related issues.
o Maintain staff cleaning schedule, including marking group calendar; schedule external cleaning service on a regular basis.
o Handle SEFA/United Way/CFC paperwork in a timely manner.
  •  Other Activities—
o Represent NYSCASA on committees, meetings, community events, conferences, and listservs.
o Complete required reports.
o Participate in professional development.
o Attend NYSCASA meetings.
o Assist with NYSCASA’s annual conference and any other events.
o Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Starting Salary: $37,500
To Apply: Please send resume and coversheet to Sandra Siciliano at ssiciliano@nyscasa.org  

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