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North Central Bronx SART: Associate Director

Organization: North Central Bronx SART

Listed On: February 2, 2017


Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)

Functional Job Description:
Associate Director
Emergency Medicine
Division: NCBH- Call: dr.brigitte.alexander@gmail.com
I. Role Purpose:
To assist the Medical Director in ensuring consistent and quality service coverage at all times.
II. Qualifications:
The Associate Director must be a nurse, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or physician who:
i. Has successfully completed a forty-hour New York State Department of Health (DOH) course.
ii. Has demonstrated competency in performance in the sexual assault forensic examination via completion of a preceptorship, if applicable.
iii. Continues to complete annual competency assessments.
III. Responsibilities:
The full time Associate Director will be responsible to:
  • Ensure 100% SART coverage 24/7 through scheduling qualified SART members as Primary and Backup call.
  • Schedule self for four SART call shifts per month without additional compensation.
  • Schedule self for additional shifts as needed to assure 100% coverage. Shifts beyond the obligatory four will be compensated at the same rate as given to other SART examiners.
  • Create monthly on-call schedules by coordinating the availability of the SART members.
  • Ensure that two SART members are on-call at all times. The Associate Director will serve as the Backup call person unless other coverage is arranged.
  • Address unforeseen but necessary scheduling changes as they arise.
  • Be available by pager at all times to address scheduling issues unless otherwise relieved by the SART Medical Director or other SART member.
  • Assist the Medical Director in quality analysis of care delivered by the SART.
  • Maintain SART quarterly reports and database.
  • Assist Medical Director in training prospective SART members and maintaining competencies of existing members.
  • Attend local, city, and regional meetings as needed to coordinate with other forensic examiner agencies.
  • Working closly with the Distrist Attorney’s Office and Speccial Victims Detectives on SART cases.
  • Working with the Medial Director and the District Attorney’s Office for trial preparation expert testifying.
  • Work one ED Clininal shift in the NCBH Emergency Department per week to keep with ongoing Medical Clinical expertise.
  • Assist the SART Medical Director with other administrative responsibilities as may arise.
IV. Supervision:
The Associate Director will report to the SART Medical Director who will confirm the adequacy of the schedule and assist the Associate Director to address any problems. 

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