Emergency Care

If you have been sexually assaulted within the past 96 hours, you can go to any hospital Emergency Department and request a sexual assault medical exam. However, some hospitals have enhanced care.  These hospitals, which are designated as SAFE Designated Center, will provide the following services:


  • Timely, compassionate, and survivor-centered medical care, in a designated and appropriately equipped private room.
  • An advocate, who if available, can offer information, support, advocacy, and referrals.
  • Treatment to prevent pregnancy and reduce risk of the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV.
  • The services of a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE), a medical professional who has been specially trained to provide care to sexual assault survivors, including forensic evidence collection.
  • Referrals to mental and physical health care services.
  • If you choose – you can talk to the police.


Search our NYC Center Locator to find a SAFE Center near you.

Hotlines & Helplines

Safe Horizon advocates are available 24 hours, 365 days a year to provide confidential crisis counseling, safety planning, assistance with finding shelter and information about resources: 212.227.3000

The Alliance Helpline offers advocacy, referrals, and confidential counseling, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM*: 212.514.SAFE(7233) or email us at survivorsupport@svfreenyc.org

*From July 5- August 30, the Alliance will close at 3pm on Fridays. We are also closed on Independence Day (July 4) and Labor Day (September 2).

NYC Center Locator

The Alliance has created a searchable database of services available for survivors in New York City. Use the map below to find services near you.

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