COVID-19 Update

The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault

In response to the developing spread of COVID-19 in New York and globally, the Alliance is advising staff and clientele to conduct all business remotely until further notice. As a public health organization, we want to take additional precautions to slow the spread of this pandemic and to ensure that none of our clients, staff, or their families are put at undue risk. We are encouraging staff and clients alike to follow CDC and WHO guidelines and practice social distancing wherever possible, including telecommuting and remote client sessions over phone and video. In accordance with this guidance, if you are able to conduct business or appointments with the Alliance digitally or by phone, we encourage you to do so. If you are feeling ill or have recently traveled to an infected region, please stay home and contact your healthcare professional or 311 for further guidance. Find more information on the disease as well as citywide protocols and services here:


Our staff is available over email and via cell phone or web conferencing to serve your needs. We will continue to work regular office hours, 9am – 5pm Monday thru Friday. We are prioritizing email contact, but remain available by phone. Our phone lines will be forwarded to staff remotely, and all staff members who are healthy and able will continue to be responsive over both phone and email.


Our helpline remains open and will be checked regularly, as will our counseling and legal service phone lines and emails. Please do not hesitate to reach our counseling or legal services team via the contact information included below. Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily suspending walk-in hours. We are committed to prioritizing our survivor support and sexual violence prevention efforts, and we are working to maintain our services while mitigating risk. Our protocol will evolve over time as our information and understanding of this virus and transmission develops, and we will continue to update the public of those changes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


—UPDATE (3/20/20) —-

As much of New York City shuts down to prevent the spread of coronavirus, sexual violence is one issue that can’t be put on hold. We understand that with tighter restrictions in place, many survivors of sexual assault may be put into compromising and unsafe situations. While the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault’s office building is not open we have made several adjustments to protect victims and staff by focusing on phone calls and video conferencing to communicate with those in need.


We may be reached through email at and phone at 212.514.SAFE(7233). At the moment the Special Victims Divisions within the NYPD are staffed and are available for assistance and police reports. In addition, many hospitals such as Mount Sinai, NYU, and many H&H Hospitals are open if survivors may require a forensic rape examination. Lastly, the criminal courts will be open for arraignments so that new cases may be dealt with although much of the other legal proceedings are postponed. For those looking for information on Orders of Protections, both criminal and civil orders will automatically be extended until a further date.


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