Submit Your Title IX Comment Here

  Published on December 7, 2018 by NYCAASA Admin

On November 29, 2018 the Department of Education published their proposed regulations to Title IX. Title IX is a civil rights statute that protects students and employees from sex discrimination in institutions of education. The proposed rule is harmful to all students and survivors, and should not be put into effect.


There is currently a 60 day public NOTICE AND COMMENT period open till January 28, 2019, during which time the public – (including students, colleges and universities, school districts, advocates, individuals, organizations, etc.) can submit comments detailing concerns. It is critical that we mobilize around these proposed regulations.


USE THIS LINK to easily submit a comment to the Department of Education about the proposed regulations. For more information about the concerning rules and the impact they will have, please contact Nastia Gorodilova at There are many resources and guides that we can share to support this critical effort.


The Department of Education will have to read each comment – but please note: any comments that are similar will be counted as ONE, regardless of how many are received. This does not just mean ‘copy and pasted’ language. Any comments that share similar concerns without specific reasons, citations, studies, statistics, past cases, or experiences may be counted together. So please contact to be sent resources that you can use as ideas and reference; and ensure to include some citations to justify your concerns. Please also share this information with campuses and students.