Bronx Advocacy Specialist 2

NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs

Minimum Qualifications:
Four years of experience as a professional advocate or service provider in the field of rehabilitation, developmental disabilities or mental health. A Bachelor’s Degree may be substituted for two years of the experience and a Master’s Degree may be substituted for three years of the experience. *Preferred qualifications: Spanish proficiency preferred.


Duties Description:

The Advocacy Specialist 2 will

• Serve as the liaison of the NYS Justice Center for vulnerable individuals who have been alleged to have been victims of abuse and neglect and their families;
• Advise and consult with the individual receiving services, parents and guardians with respect to any complaints or issues; review and answer questions with respect to specific complaints by consulting with responsible and appropriate staff; and perform other duties as assigned by the, Unit director;
• Assist individuals and families in the preparation and delivery of victim impact statements;
• Contact victims of crimes; provide information regarding legal processes and resources (service providers, treatment and education programs, legal assistance, and financial assistance: and investigations process);
• Provide victims with notices of their rights;
• Notify victims/family member/guardian of criminal charges for which an arrest has been made, warrants have been issued, or a case has been referred for prosecution;
• Assist clients in filling out protective orders; attend protective order hearings and other court proceedings with client, as appropriate;
• Provide emotional support and crisis intervention for victims of crime/abuse and neglect;
• Obtain restitution information from victims and provide alternate means for the victim to be compensated for damages incurred as a result of criminal behavior;
• Assure compliance with state laws regarding crime victim requirements are met.


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