The Alliance has compiled a number of resources available for survivors, their friends and families, and professionals assisting survivors in New York City.

About Us

Definition of Sexual Violence

The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault defines sexual violence as: Any completed or attempted sexual act against a person’s will or against a person unable to give consent.

Sexual violence encompasses a continuum of acts, ranging from unwanted sexual comments or advances to completed rape. Anyone can experience sexual violence. While the majority of acts are perpetrated by someone known to the victim, anyone can perpetrate sexual violence--a stranger, a person in a position of power or trust, an acquaintance, a relative, a friend, or an intimate partner.


The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault’s vision is a city free from sexual violence. 


The mission of the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault is to prevent sexual violence and reduce the harm it causes through education, research and advocacy. 

What We Do

  • Campus Training Institute
  • Inform the community about available resources for services, education and training
  • Document the problem of sexual assault/abuse in the city
  • Analyze city system policy and its effect on survivors
  • Improve systems through advocacy
  • Educate the public
  • Disseminate information
  • Serve as a clearinghouse
  • Represent the needs of NYC sexual assault/abuse survivors
  • Link with other organizations to advance our agenda
  • Initiate and support research on relevant issues

How to Get Involved

  • Join the Fundraising committee
  • Volunteer
  • Contribute financial or other resources
  • Participate in action alerts, advocacy and/or legislative awareness activities
  • Receive the bi-weekly digest


The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault is supported by The New York State Department of Health, Division of Criminal Justice Services, New York Women's Foundation, New York City Council Member Margaret Chin, State Senator Thomas Duane and the Frank and Ruth E. Caruso Foundation.