about us

our mission & history

The mission of the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault is to prevent sexual violence and reduce the harm it causes through education, advocacy and research. The Alliance was founded in 2000 by rape crisis centers in New York City in order to advocate for the needs of survivors and the programs that serve them. Through public education, cutting-edge programming, advocacy for survivors and the pursuit of legal and policy changes, the Alliance continues to expand as a hub for resources and information about sexual violence.

our staff and board

Meet our dedicated staff of professionals working to combat sexual assault in New York City as well as our Board of Directors.

After many years of activism in intimate partner violence, I was attracted to the Alliance by its holistic approach which incorporates intervention, prevention, training and research to mitigate the effects of sexual violence and ultimately, to end its occurrence.

Mary Haviland, Executive Director

Through my work at the Alliance, my goal is to ensure that sexual violence survivors receive expert, compassionate, and trauma-informed care in whatever systems they interact with

Josie Torielli, LCSW, Assistant Director of Intervention Programs

The most fulfilling part of my role is the opportunity to motivate change within historically underserved communities by fostering youth and community leadership.

Saswati Sarkar, Assistant Director of Prevention Program

I welcome the opportunity to help the Alliance build the capacity of communities, organizations, and institutions to advance the right to live free from sexual violence.

Teri Rosenberg, Director of Development and Communications

I believe in this work because the high rates of sexual violence across the country and globe is simply unacceptable. We need to teach mutual love and respect to all.

Jeenie Yoon, LMSW, Senior Campus Sexual Assault Coordinator

As an Intervention Coordinator, I have the privilege of providing counseling support to survivors and helping them navigate the process of healing.

Bryan Aston, LMSW, Intervention Coordinator

I joined the Alliance because we work to effect sustainable change across diverse communities, and are committed to providing quality direct services to survivors and the organizations that support them.

Nastia Gorodilova, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator

What drew me to this work was my desire to help and be a part of an organization that strives to combat sexual violence.

Young Lee, Administration Coordinator

Board of Directors

Rashmi Gill, President
Carin M. Keegan, Vice President
Susan Xenarios, Secretary
Mark Rutledge, Treasurer
Michael J. Fagan, Communication Committee Chair
Paul Seres, Fundraising Committee Chair
Niketa Sheth
Amy Montoya
Jacqueline Bevilaqua
Peggy Ann Torney
Germaine Picket
Maxwell T. Mulcahy